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The Catholic churches are chock full of symbolism, including the all-seeing eye, circumscribed triangle, or triangle within an arch, and even modern churches such as the Seventh Day Adventists have also been overtaken by these symbol proliferators.The above 6 images include photos from cathedrals in Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Italy, as well as the classic stained-glass window seen throughout Catholic churches worldwide. There are many other examples of the triangle inside the circle in Christian churches, and they are often decorated with the illuminating rays of light or clouds encompassing the circle.ANCIENT OCCULT PRACTICES The Kabbalah movement is just one of the ancient organisations who promote the use of the symbol of the triangle encompassed by a circle.Theresa Ibis, founder of the Universal Kabbalah Network, says in her videos “From spirals, to circles, to triangles, to squares and where these things manifest themselves, and why those are the best patterns for nature to follow, and how that we can use those patterns as gates and keys within our own soul, and open up energies to flow through us that we would like to be working with”.They formed a subsidiary group in 1937 called Triangles, and encouraged people to form 3 person triangle groups for “meditation”.The Lucis Trust described the purpose as being to “help to illuminate world thought …Bailey described the point as representing the ruler of the spirit world, Sanat (anagram for Satan).

One only needs to read the Bible to work this out, or take notice of the Pagan rituals commonly performed by uneducated Christians such as Christmas and Easter.

While this may seem like a broad statement, anyone with basic knowledge of the Illuminati practices can easily see through the rhetoric and understand she is referring to the use of particular symbols to allow demons or jinns to possess and control us.

She follows that with another disturbing statement “The triangle often represents a trinity, it represents spirit, so if we want to connect with spirit, we can imagine our head being immersed in a golden pyramid of light”.

ADOPTION IN COMMON SOCIETY One of the main agendas of the Illuminati is to proliferate the use of occult symbols and spread them throughout our daily lives.

This plan is discrete, and with the general public not knowing the true meanings of these symbols, it is an easy plan for them to promote and worship Satan without facing opposition.

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