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These brave DACA recipients were arrested yesterday fighting for a clean #Dream Act Now. DC:(202) 224-2523 Augusta:(207) 622-8414 Bangor:(207) 945-0417 Biddeford:(207) 283-1101 Caribou:(207) 493-7873 Lewiston:(207) 784-6969 Hey, @Ajit Pai FCC, today my mom would have turned 71. cc: @Sean Astin La B0e Gp Under cover of 2,000,000 fake & fraudulent comments, @Ajit Pai FCC repealed #Net Neutrality. They want to end the internet as we know it to create a digital oligarchy that serves the wealthy few. Call your representatives and tell them to delay #Tax Scam Bill vote until Doug Jones can be sworn in as the voice of the people of Alabama.

Show them your support: keep the pressure on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act before the end of the year.

Jane comes to the aid of a stressed-out Jeremy, who's intent on wooing a demanding fashion editor with high expectations that could help or hurt his career.

Jane also finds out about Billy and Lulu while Billy and Jane's friendship hangs by a thread.

In the first-season finale, Jane (Erica Dasher) finances the school play with the funds from her bonus check and gets her coworkers to help make the costumes, but then she realizes the high personal cost of this endeavor.

The series follows the life of Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher), a teenager who is mistaken for an adult, as she finally gets her fashion dream job working with a world-famous designer, Gray Chandler Murray (Andie Mac Dowell).

#No Dream No Deal Fight For Our EVa Jux The #GOPTax Scam seems to be on target To Pass.

Can you please take the time to explain to me how she made three separate comments in support of ending #Net Neutrality more than a year after she died? These issues have already been discussed in the judicial system, & pro-net neutrality arguments have won before. The ONLY people benefitting from the repeal of #Net Neutrality are massive corporations that are already reaping in enormous profits.

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ABC Family greenlit the series in April 2011 with a ten-episode order.

Jane tries to be the best at her job and her school, juggling the everyday challenges of high school and the world of fashion.

Jane Quimby, a high-school student applying for an internship, is mistaken for a qualified adult applicant and is hired by Gray Chandler Murray, a high maintenance fashion designer.

Her brother Ben (David Clayton Rogers) tries to make money by getting jobs, but the jobs never work out until he lands one as the athletic assistant at Jane's school.

At Donovan Decker, Jane discovers a world full of fashion challenges working for Gray Chandler Murray (Andie Mac Dowell) and tackles them with the help of her co-workers, Jeremy Jones (Rowley Dennis), India Jourdain (India de Beaufort), Carter (Ser'Darius Blain) and Birdie (Brooke Lyons).

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