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Ozzy: I think that, again, really just enjoying the game and being grateful every single moment is the biggest lesson.Sometimes you just don't get the breaks that you need to make it further in the game and that's just kind of how it goes.You can be an amazing player, but sometimes you just have bad luck. You can't take it too hard, but what you have to do when you go out and you play is you really need to embrace every possible moment.I don't think that—my last couple hours on the beach—I don't think I played as hard as I possibly could have; that's my biggest regret.I'm really surprised I wasn't able to find one. Whereas when you're playing with new players, sometimes you can rely on them to make foolish mistakes.When you play with veterans, it's just so different.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The merge episode is always an exciting one as a lot of jockeying for positioning goes down.What was the thing that surprised you the most once everyone got on the same beach and started feeling each other out?

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First of all, did you have any idea that Debbie had a secret advantage to play at Tribal?

Even though he's proven to be a valuable asset in catching food for his tribe, he's ultimately a big threat.

Ozzy earns the majority of the votes and becomes the ninth contestant to be eliminated this season, and the second person to make jury.

Now that she’s been eliminated, what did you make of her second go-round?

Hali has a very odd playing style and also an unusual social style.

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