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This all new two day workshop was built to challenge you and help you grow in multiple areas of your acting.Through individual and group work, you will strengthen your acting muscle and generate optimal growth.You can bring a script that you'd like to work on, or be assigned a scene. Even if you have taken it once or twice, most will probably want to take it again to get the experience of seeing the casting experience from both the director and actor's perspective.Students will experience the role of being a casting director themselves, and auditioning for one another in a mock audition.

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Her book comes out March 6th, 2018 and OUR STUDIO is one of the places she is signing autographs for her book because she says I am through-out that book because of my work with Demi.It took my registration manager and her aide twelve hours each to process all of the registration in a fair way with us trying to decide the most fair way for students to get spots in this MG workshop.Mitchell is such a dynamic speaker, so charismatic and one of the best teachers we've ever had at the studio EVER.If your registration is time-stamped between1pm-pm, we are going to let you be one of the first to sign up for "The Amazing Josh and Kate workshop".We had so many people register for this workshop, It was crazy.

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