Blake shelton dating history

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How did country music star Blake Shelton react to being named the sexiest man on the planet?Plenty of jokes."Y'all must be running out of people ...

judge — sitting backstage at Ellen De Generes' daytime talk show — reads out loud all of "the supportive words" he's received about his title.Shelton started dating the No Doubt alum while working on with Levine. Who do you think will sell more albums in their first week – Blake Shelton or Adam Levine and Maroon 5? Although Shelton and Stefani have been together for a few years now, Levine still can’t believe the country star landed somebody like Stefani. I don’t mean to rob him of this honor, so perhaps I can suggest other accolades for him—participation trophies, if you will—so he won’t feel bad when forfeiting his title to literally any other man. I’d also gladly nominate him for Huskiest Man In A Swivel Chair 2017 or Man With A Voice 2017.In a year as tough as this one has been, we need the Sexiest Man Alive to be truly exemplary.

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